Our beloved Dra. Eloína Miyares Bermudez, founder of the Center of Applied Linguistics, passed away on July 26, 2015, in Santiago de Cuba, her native city. Dr Miyares Bermudez, Heroine of Labor of the Republic of Cuba, was the creator and director of important projects of great national impact, among which feature: the Active-Functional Lexicon of the Cuban Student, the Illustrated School Dictionary, Methodology for the treatment of articulatory problems for primary and basic secondary schools, and the Basic School Dictionary. Dr Miyares Bermúdez will live on forever in our hearts.

This dictionary is compiled on the basis of the study entitled Functional Active Vocabulary of Cuban Schoolchildren (corpus: 700,000 words from 7,000 compositions from across Cuba). The dictionary is aimed at familiarizing second and fourth grade children with the use of this necessary and important pedagogical tool to develop their vocabulary, has created an electronic version of the Diccionario Escolar Illustrated, accessible at  http://www.cla.cu/ilustrado

This event that summons the Center Applied Linguistics every two years, has its own site web in: http://www.cla.cu/simposio

The Centre for Applied Linguistics, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, has created an electronic version of the Diccionario Básico Escolar, accessible a http://www.cla.cu:1959/index.html

The Centre for Applied Linguistics (CLA, Spanish acronym), formerly Department of Literature and Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, was founded by Prof. Dr. Julio Vitelio Ruiz Hernández, on January 1st, 1971.

Owing to the excellent scientific results achieved by the Department, in 2000 it was established as Centre for Applied Linguistics attached to the Santiago de Cuba Territorial Office of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA, Spanish acronym), under Resolution No. 86/2000 of the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment.

Despite its small staff —20 employees—, the Centre conducts projects which have attained scientific results with a major impact in the linguistic and pedagogical fields across the country, chiefly in the national education system.


Centro de Lingüística Aplicada

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Telephones: (53-22) 646390, (53-22) 646910 extension 102